The Rocket Book

Jane Cadwallader Based on the story by Peter Newell

The Rocket Book

300 headwords | A1.1 | Movers

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853643841
CEFR Level A1.1
Genre: Classic
Theme: Family

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The rocket brings the families who live on 15 Cherry Drive together and makes them into a community. Can’t miss this reader based on a story called The Rocket Book by Peter Newell originally published in 1912.

Number 15 Cherry Drive is a normal house in a normal town. The people who live there don’t really take any notice of each other, except for formal greetings. All this is going to be different when Mr. Popper’s son Michael sets off a rocket in the basement which moves up through the house, changing people’s lives.


Vocabulary areas Family and friends, clothes, the body and face, materials, food and drink, toys, ordinal numbers (ground, first, second, third, fourth etc)

Past simple-Past continuous and-Interrupted past continuous-Present perfect-Will-Conjunctions-Before / after
clauses-Make somebody + adj-Be made of Be good / not good at s.t-Right / left
Expressions Good morning /afternoon / evening-Lovely weather we’re having!-It
looks like it’ll rain today!-Let me …. and see what happens!-Oh my!-What a …….!- Hmm …Hooray!-That’s a fantastic idea!

Relationship | Family | Everyday Life

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