The Kid from Kabul

Sarah Gudgeon

The Kid from Kabul

800 headwords | A2 | Flyers/Key

ISBN: 9788853643933
CEFR Level A2
Genre: Fiction
Theme: Family

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Aarash has to leave his home city of Kabul in Afghanistan and move to England with his mum and younger sister. Will he adapt easily to his new life or will he have some difficulties? Read and find it out.

Aarash and his family go to live with Uncle Naz. Everything is new and confusing for Aarash and he misses his old life. There are more problems for Aarash when he starts school but luckily he also finds a new friend there, Tim. Will Uncle Naz and Tim be able to help Aarash adapt to his new life or will he feel sad and lonely forever?

Topics Immigration -Gender equality -The right to education -Diversity
-Culture and language -Tolerance

Verbs Positive and negative imperative
forms-Present simple-Present continuous- Past simple regular and
irregular forms-Past continuous-Present perfect simple-Future with going to and
will-Modals (can/ can’t, could/ couldn’t, have to/ don’t have to, had to/ didn’t have
to, must/mustn’t need to/ don’t need to)

Adjectives Absolute forms
Comparative and superlative forms

Adverbs Regular and irregular forms

Bullying | Family | School | Friendship

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