The Flower Fairies

Jane Cadwallader

The Flower Fairies

100 headwords | below A1 | Starters

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853643780
CEFR Level Below A1
Genre: Fantasy
Theme: Friendship

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Bluebell and his flower fairy friends lose their habitat. Can Matt and Lucy make them happy again?

What do you know about flowers? Where do they live? When can you see
them? How many petals have they got? Can you eat them? How do they help
plants make more plants? Find out about the beautiful, fantastic and funny world of flowers. You can also meet four Flower Fairies and read how two children try to find them a safe home.

Colours-Numbers-The world around us
Parts of the body-Transport
Adjectives for description and feelings

Present simple and continuous
This / these
have got for possession
Can / can’t for ability
Determiner and conjunctions

Nice to meet you-See you tomorrow-
Goodbye-Can you help?
I’ve got an idea!-What a fantastic flower!-It’s too hot!

Nature | Fairies | Friendship

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