Harriet Holmes and the Portrait

Jane Cadwallader  Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali

Harriet Holmes and the Portrait

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853635020
CEFR Level A2
Genre: Crime and Mystery
Theme: Adventure

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Has Harriet got the detective skills of her father?

The portrait of Lord Methody, the founder of Methody School is missing. But who could want the portrait of this unpopular man and why? Harriet Holmes and her friends, Violet and John set out to solve the mystery – but has
Harriet got the detective skills of her father? Read and find out!

Vocabulary areas
School, family, materials
Present tenses
Past simple regular and irregular forms
Past continuous, Present perfect
Be going to future, Question words
(Who, Why, Where, What)
Adjectives and adverbs
Before / after clauses, Must
Might, Look + adjective
Suddenly Quick!
Let’s go.
Thank you.
Very clever!
Well done Remember ...

Critical thinking | Adventure | Bravery

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