Harriet Holmes and the Pirate Treasure

Jane Cadwallader. Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali.

Harriet Holmes and the Pirate Treasure

400 headwords | A2 | Flyers

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853637543
CEFR Level A2
Genre: Fiction
Theme: Adventure

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A new adventure for Harriett Holmes.

Will Harriet Holmes and her friends be able to solve the case of the ghost of Lady Emily who is trying to scare Lady Frankie Strangehill from her home? Has it got anything to do with some pirate treasure from long ago?

Vocabulary areas
Jobs, time references, house, sport
and leisure
Present tenses, Simple past regular
and irregular, Past continuous (for
interrupted actions and background
setting), Present perfect;
Will  Going to future;
Why, Who, Where, What?;
Where clauses, When clauses,
Conjunctions and, but, so
To die of a broken heart.  I’ll …. later 
Then, one day …  Let me in  Go away!
 Maybe …  It’s like a …  Suddenly …
 Quick!  I wonder …  Just in time … 
That’s bad news!

Critical thinking | Adventure | Bravery

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