Changing the World

Chiara Michelon

Changing the World

1000 headwords | B1 | Preliminary Non-fiction

Young Adult
ISBN: 9788853639707
CEFR Level B1
Genre: Non-Fiction
Theme: Social Issues

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The stories of ten people who have changed the world: from protecting world peace and the rights of women and children to saving the environment.

It is possible to change the world and the stories of these ten people show it. Let’s read about the lives and work of ten special men and women who, despite many difficulties, have tried to make this world a better and fairer place for all of us to live in.

Present Simple and Continuous
Past Simple and Continuous
Present Perfect Simple
Past Perfect Simple
Future with ‘will’
Verb Forms and Patterns
Verbs followed by infinitive;
Verbs followed by gerund;
Common phrasal verbs with
prepositions; Second Conditional;
Passive forms: Present and Past Simple;
Reported Speech: statements and
questions; Modals: could, have to;
Subordinate Clauses with when, while,
although, since; Time Expressions;
Prepositions of Time and Place: to, at, in,
on, into; Relative Pronouns

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