Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll

Alice in Wonderland

Retold by Richard B. A. Brown

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853631596
CEFR Level A2
Genre: Classic
Theme: Adventure

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‘It was a hot, hot day; her boring sister was reading a boring book - with no pictures! - and Alice didn’t know what to do...’

The classic story of a young girl who falls into a hole, eats and drinks poison and grows bigger and smaller.

Vocabulary areas
Gender and gender role
Grammar and structures
Common regular and irregular verbs
in the simple past, all forms,
Common regular and irregular verbs in
the present, all forms,
There is / are / was / were,
all forms + simple determiners,
I think / I’m sure + verb,
Modal verbs: can and could for ability,
Adverbs of manner and frequency,
Adjectives, Prepositions,
Connectives: and, but, so,
Comparatives and superlatives, Nouns

Friendship | Adventure

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