A Study in Scarlet

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A Study in Scarlet

Illustrated by Riccardo Guasco

Young Adult
ISBN: 9788853621078
CEFR Level A1
Genre: Classic
Theme: Adventure

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A Study in Scarlet is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s first story with Holmes and Watson.
Come and walk the dark streets of London with the great Mr Sherlock Holmes!
When Sherlock Holmes gets a letter from the police, he and his new
friend, Doctor Watson, have a difficult problem. Who is the rich man in the
empty house? Why did he die? And, most important of all, will Holmes and
Watson find the man who did it? Or will they be too late?
Nouns – Plural - Possessive ’s
Pronouns Indefinite: some-, no-, any-,
every- (body/thing); Subject and object
Determiners Ordinal numbers: first –
hundredth; Quantifiers some/any, more,;
Distributives: another, other, each
Adjectives Comparative: er/more +
adjective…than, as….as; Superlative: the
–est (in/of), most + adjective
Verb forms and tenses Negative
questions; Present Continuous; Present
Simple; Past Simple of listed irregular
verbs; Common phrasal verbs with
transparent meanings
Adverbs Adverbs of frequency; Question words
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