Uncle Jack and the Emperor Penguins

Jane Cadwallader

Uncle Jack and the Emperor Penguins

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853631459
CEFR Level A1.1
Genre: Fiction
Theme: Adventure

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‘Here are the Emperor Penguins as happy as can be. They’re off to lay their eggs in a place far from the sea. They stay here all the winter as cold as cold can be. Until their babies hatch in a place far from the sea.’
In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | An audio recording of the story and the song | A picture dictionary
Adventure | Social Issues | Animal Story
In this hilarious story you will learn something about the habits of the
Emperor Penguins and follow Uncle Jack and the others in their race
against time to help the penguins to the place where they lay their eggs.
9788853631459 - Jane Cadwallader

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