The Selfish Giant

Oscar Wilde. Retold by Lisa Suett

The Selfish Giant

Illustrated by Allegra Agliardi

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853631343
CEFR Level A1
Genre: Classic
Theme: Friendship

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Why doesn’t summer come to the Giant’s garden? Find out how the Selfish Giant changes and learns about friendship.
A Giant lives in a castle with a beautiful garden. But the Giant is selfish and wants it all to himself. He doesn’t want
the children to play in his garden. Winter comes and never leaves until… something happens and the Giant
learns about love and sharing!
Vocabulary areas
seasons, nature, adjectives, feelings
Grammar and structures
Present simple, Present continuous,
There is / There are, Prepositions of place, Possessive ‘s, Adverbs of frequency
9788853631343 -
Oscar Wilde. Retold by Lisa Suett
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