The Portrait of a Lady

Henri James - Retold by Michael Lacey Freeman

The Portrait of a Lady

Illustrated by Lizzy Stewart

Young Adult
ISBN: 9788853621115
CEFR Level B1
Genre: Classic
Theme: Family

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“She had an immense curiosity about life, and was constantly staring and wondering.”
One sleepy summer, an American woman arrives in England, and wakes everybody up. Isabel Archer is an interesting woman. Everybody thinks so. She is an independent woman. Everybody agrees. And she changes the lives of everyone she meets in England. But will England change her?
Vocabulary areas Family, relationships, travel
Grammar and structures Present, Present
Continuous, Past simple regular and
irregular, Will, Going to. Present and past
perfect, modal verbs, Verb + infinitive,
Verb + ing, first and second conditional,
9788853621115 -
Henri James - Retold by Michael Lacey Freeman
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