The Giant Rumbledumble

Oscar Wilde. Retold by Jane Cadwallader.

The Giant Rumbledumble

Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali.

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853631411
CEFR Level A1
Genre: Classic
Theme: Nature

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Young readers might well see themselves in the selfish giant, based on Oscar Wilde’s classic, who doesn’t want to share his favourite possession.
Through the story they see how our actions not only affect others, but can also boomerang back and affect ourselves. They can empathise with the sad and lonely giant locked into his own cold selfishness and celebrate with him the realisation that if we give happiness to others we feel it ourselves too. Above all, this story is a humorous look at accepting and correcting the mistakes we make in life.
Vocabulary areas
nature, animals, adjectives, feelings
Grammar and structures
Present simple
Present continuous
There is / There are
Possessive ‘s
Prepositions of place
In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | Au audio recording of the story | A picture dictionary
Sharing | Kindness | Appreciating our environment
9788853631411 -
Oscar Wilde. Retold by Jane Cadwallader.
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