PB3 and the Jacket

Jane Cadwallader

PB3 and the Jacket

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853631299
CEFR Level A1
Genre: Fiction
Theme: Adventure

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‘These are animals from a farm. A pig goes oink and a sheep goes baa. There’s a chicken and a duck and a horse of course. And a sad little goat with a curly coat.’
Two children, Sue and Ben, dive into the sea and meet PB3 and his robot, Robin. Together they come face to face with the bad OOs from Planet X011
and together they discover a terrible plan. Can they stop the OOs?
Vocabulary areas
Clothes, animals, colours, feelings
Grammar and structures
Present simple, Present progressive,
Possessive adjectives, Adverbs,
There is / There are,
Question words: what? / why?,
Conjunctions: and / but,
Prepositions of place
Friendship | Adventure |
Human Interest
9788853631299 - Jane Cadwallader

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