Our Water. Our World

Jane Cadwallader

Our Water. Our World

Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali.

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853626387
CEFR Level A2
Genre: Fiction
Theme: Nature

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How we look after water is something that will greatly affect the future of our Earth and the wellbeing of its inhabitants.
This book asks children to think about the questions: What do you know about water? How much water is there on Earth and why is it so important? What do you know about the animals that live in our oceans, rivers and lakes? Are we looking after this vital natural resource? It also tells three stories from different parts of the world about how children have dealt with problems related to water.
Vocabulary areas
materials, wild animals, nature, time, work
Grammar and structures
Present simple and continous
Present perfect
Will for future reference
Going to for future reference
Have to for obligation
Should for advice
Comparative and superlative adjectives
Infinitive of purpose
In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | An audio recording of the story | A picture dictionary
Caring for the natural world | Taking the initiative | Collaboration
Jane Cadwallader
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