Martha and the Woolly Rhino

Jane Cadwallader

Martha and the Woolly Rhino

Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali.

Young Learners
ISBN: 9788853631213
CEFR Level Below A1
Genre: Fiction
Theme: Friendship

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Martha the mammoth and her prehistoric animal friends are playing happily together in the wood when Martha discovers a baby woolly rhino called Ryan who has lost his mum and dad.
While Martha and her friends look after the baby rhino, Bella the butterfly sets off in search of Ryan’s parents. The fear of getting lost is one readers of this age will readily relate to and the way the young animals look after the baby rhino and imaginatively solve the problem will delight and amuse children.
Vocabulary areas
animals, colours, family, friendship
Grammar and structures
Present simple
Present continuous
In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | An audio recording of the story
Helpfulness Kindness to animals | Problem-solving
9788853631213 -
Jane Cadwallader
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