Allan, My Vancouver

Gordon Gamlin

Allan, My Vancouver

ISBN: 9788853632197
CEFR Level A2
Genre: Real Lives
Theme: Nature

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Vancouver is Canada’s gateway to the Pacific Rim.
Allan introduces us to the city, his family, and friends. His days are filled with sports, school, and everyday family life. Join Allan and his friends on this exploration of Vancouver, British Columbia.
Verb Tenses
Present Simple / Continuous
Past Simple / Continuous
Present Perfect
Past Perfect
Future with going to and will
Would like
Modal verbs: can, could, might, have to, have got to,
used to (past habits)
Comparative and superlative forms
In this Reader you will find:
Cultural boxes | Glossary of difficult words | An audio recording of the story | Authentic photos
Daily routine | Nature | Hobbies | Dreams | Food | Customs
9788853632197 -
Gordon Gamlin
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